Roy Chong

Agency Manager

Million Dollar Agency

Co-Founder of The Pioneers

“Leaving your comfort zone, embracing risks and stepping into the world of Prudential.”

30th July 1996 is the most significant date that Roy would cherish as he switched his corporate job of twenty three years to come into the life insurance industry which was then starting to grow and expand.

His earlier fear of failure in doing sales was unfounded as after some initial selling and product trainings, his first year performance as a part-time insurance agent resulted in closing 120 cases with a very modest API of RM126,500 to qualify for Prudential Star Club (Destination – London).

Learning Point: New agents should not worry too much as initial basic training, coaching and full support would be given in our working group – The Pioneers.

By mid 1997, Roy turned full-time, and wife Elina joined Prudential too even though insurance selling was certainly not her cup of tea. Initially it was a nightmare for her as she struggled to prospect for leads through doing her cold-calling activities. As she persevered and with sheer determination and self-belief she managed to break-through and qualified for STAR CLUB and MDRT numerous times.

Learning point: Is not how well you can speak or how charismatic you are, but be your true self of displaying your humility, graciousness, integrity and other positive human traits when in front of your prospects and clients.

The agent commissions is attractive with the renewal commission structure leading to a very lucrative passive income stream. But if one looks deeper, the Leaders’ overriding benefits can be even more rewarding. In this life insurance career the idea is to get promoted to Unit Manager in the fastest possible time.

Roy got his first promotion in 1998 and three years later in 2001, he was promoted to Agency Manager. It was most gratifying to note that both his daughters possess the strong conviction and the love for the life insurance business when after graduating from the Universities, Amy joined Prudential in 2005 and Jamie in 2011.

They continued to progress to do very well through sheer hard work and display remarkable business acumen, and soon got promoted to the managerial level as Unit Manager and Agency Manager.

Our Pioneers’ motto is “Sell and Recruit” and if done consistently well will certainly grow your business to the next lucrative level.

Awareness point: We all have this great human potential in us to do well and fulfil our desires and aspirations. In good times or bad times, life insurance still provide the hope and security to ensure the financial future of all families is safeguarded.

Roy encourages all the new agents in the Pioneers Group to have faith, patience and determination to continue the good work of helping families to achieve financial freedom and peace of mind.

With the right mindset of strong resourcefulness and keen initiatives he foresee all the associates in the Pioneers Group doing well and making strong progress as we plough through this challenging year ahead.

“Keep up the good work! And, stay healthy and happy always!”