Are You Covered Against Unforeseen Financial Burdens

Check your medical coverage, or read on to understand how medical inflation impacts our recent real-life cases

Case #2 Brain Surgery

A client successfully claimed almost RM100,000 for medical expenses after a brain surgery.


The RM100,000 in medical expenses today would cost RM410,000 in 10 years.

That’s an alarming RM300,000 increase in costs over just a few years.

Take action now to make sure you have sufficient coverage to keep up with medical inflation.

Is Your Coverage Keeping Up?

Don’t wait until a medical emergency strikes to realize your coverage might not be enough.

Take a moment to assess your situation:


Are your current healthcare benefits truly comprehensive?


Does your insurance adequately protect you from rising medical costs?


Could you handle a sudden surge in medical expenses without breaking the bank?

Take Control of Your Financial Health

You have the power to secure your future and protect your finances. Act now to ensure you have sufficient coverage.

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