Katherine Wong

Katherine Wong

Spirit Director

“Your positive action combined with positive thinking result in success.”

Katherine joined Prudential in the year 2003. She graduated with a major in Business Information Technology at the Asia Pacific Institute Of Information Technology which is now known as APU.

Prior to joining Prudential she worked as a Marketing Executive in the Telco Industry. She always dreamt of climbing the corporate ladder and doing insurance was never her cup of tea. She always believed insurance is important and has signed up a policy herself when she started to work, and her mother also took up a policy.

In the year 2004 her mother was admitted to hospital due to ovarian fibroids. She was very relieved that her mother’s hospital medical bill of nearly RM10,000 was taken care of by life insurance coverage. As a fresh graduate and just joined the working force she would definitely not able to pay for this huge hospital bill. After her mother’s incident, more relatives asked and seeked information about life insurance and she slowly started off this life insurance business with these warm markets.

After less than a year since joining the business her own aunty was diagnosed with breast cancer and was her first critical illness claim. This claim gave her more confidence and belief and since then she has no regret choosing life insurance business as her career.

She always have the mission to protect as many families as possible. Her tagline:

“Mission first, commission will come later.”