Elina Tung

Finance Director

Million Dollar Round Table


“Appreciating her wonderful journey in Prudential.”

Elina joined Prudential as a full-time Quality Agent on 3rd July 1997 and she said that was the best decision ever made in her career life. The opportunity to write her own pay check gives her the total faith and belief that achieving financial freedom can be a reality.

Her early years doing the life insurance business was tough and challenging. No natural market to source for prospects, so she needed to do a lot of cold calling and market canvassing.

Happy to say that to-date she has qualified the “PRUDENTIAL STAR CLUB” 18 Times and secured “MDRT QUALIFIER” 8 Times. The incentive trips to all the wonderful and exotic countries around the world were simply too breath-taking and spectacular to her.

Being a Prudential Premier Wealth Planner also allows her to enjoy many good benefits such as the attractive sales commissions and bonuses, the availability of the Retirement Gratuity Benefit and the opportunity to participate in the Prudential Share Option Scheme.

She mentions that with so many good benefits and privileges would only spur each and every Prudential Wealth Planner to put in the consistent effort to achieve his or her dreams. She also wish to congratulate all the new associates who just joined us and to all Pioneers Associates another happy and productive year 2021.

“Be always happy, healthy and live your life to the fullest!”