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About us

Established 1st June 2009, we are an organisation that believes in working hard and playing hard too! We respect each another & believe that teamwork is the key to success!

Our Vision

To be recognized as the preferred retail financial solution providers, to our business clients, and incorporating proven business formulas for agency success.

Our Mission

To provide excellent retail financial services, for our clients to achieve financial security, and meeting the utmost professional and ethical standards.

Meet the team

Our talented and dedicated team of Pioneers

Amy Chong

Agency Manager

Million Dollar Agency


Roy Chong

Agency Manager

Million Dollar Agency


Jamie Chong

Unit Manager 1

Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)

Elina Tung

Finance Director

Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)

Yen Chee Wai

Learning & Training Director

May Ng

Spirit Director

Amelia Ng Mei Lin

Spirit Director

Jack Loh

Learning & Training Director

Katherine Wong

Spirit Director

What our customers say

Trusted by our clients

Thank you so much Amy for the services you have provided to me during my husband’s admission in Sentosa Medical Centre. We get to know you from Menara KH Prudential booth.

Almost seven years you are servicing us. I really appreciate you as insurance agent who had help me through my down time and response to my needs from time to time. All the medical claims I have submitted to you and you have responded promptly. Claims money will be credited to our account on time.

Amy are very helpful, courteous and friendly. We appreciate all you do for us. We know that we are in good hands and feel taken care of us.

Amy’s client, Nirmala

Thank you for arranging the Dr and the smooth claim process. I was diagnosed with kidney stone on both my kidneys and it was so painful. By calling you, you immediately arrange the Dr and accompany me to see him. Admitted for the surgery and finally I’m pain free

Yen Chee Wai’s client, C

Mei Lin is the most helpful insurance agent I have ever dealt with. She is honest and up front with everything. She actively look for the best rates and coverage for me and my husband based on our financial ability. Definitely a person who cares for the customer, and she is always attentive to our queries.

Amelia Ng Mei Lin’s client, V

See Mun is my family agent and we all trust her. Before this I have not so good experience with another agent that very hard sell. I feel comfortable to dealt with her and she is very friendly and professional in financial related advice and always done her job with genuine heart.

Chan See Mun’s client, Ms Y

I met Jack before he joined the insurance industry and I asked him to review my family insurance policies after I knew he joined Prudential. We found out that there were so many issues with our current insurance policies and decided to get his help to rectify it because our existing agent is no longer servicing us. He is very helpful and will go the extra mile to help people even they are not his client yet.

Jack’s client, Ms Chin

I got my first medical insurance policy from Jamie when I graduated and subsequently income protection plan and also saving plans.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t know what coverage I had although she explained to me during our yearly reviews because I trust her, and I thought I am still young for illness and accident. In 2016, I was diagnosed with an illness and the first question I asked the doctor was at the earliest WHEN I can admit to the hospital instead of how much because I know my medical card will pay for it. I was bedridden for almost 1 month and I started to think about the importance of insurance.

I was very thankful because she approached me to sign up for insurance or else I didn’t know where to find the money to pay for my medical bills. Tomorrow is promised to no one. The best preparation for tomorrow is planning it by today. Buzz her if you have any insurance-related queries.

Jamie’s client, J

Jacky has been very helpful and attentive especially with claims related. Very thankful to him as my wife was diagnosed with stroke 2 years ago and I was not aware of this insurance policy which my wife bought. He went the extra mile to reached out to me, helped with all the claims procedures and ensure the claim was paid out. RM250,000 has helped to lessen our family’s financial burden and all the alternative treatments needed. Thank you Jacky for all that you have done and for keeping in touch. If you are looking for an agent who serves with heart, you got to look for Jacky.

Jacky’s client, Hadi

在2017年十月,我和我太太跟May买了一份综合投资保单。虽然我的收入不高,May对我们传达医疗保障的重要性,我们也开始了第一份保单。 很不幸地,在保单生效的第11个月后,我太太生病了。医生检验她得了第三期乳癌,并且已经蔓延到身体其他部位,谁也想不到31岁的她会得到重症。

那时因为保单还很新,保险公司需要调查我们有没有隐瞒病情。透过May不断地帮助和跟进,保险公司很快就赔偿了医药费和36种严疾理赔,目前的索赔金额已超过十万。 这件事让我体会到有一个专业的agent很重要。我们非常感谢May的帮忙,也会推荐给身边的亲朋好友。

May’s client, A

I got an insurance plan on year 2016 because I want to get covered at all times. From this, I’ve gained a lot of financial knowledge. If you are reading this, Vivian is a really good agent because she sincerely cares.

Vivian’s client, L